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 Action Training

"Aerial Apparatus"
1. Aerial Apparatus Driving Techniques
2. Positioning Aerial Apparatus
3. Stabilizing Aerial Apparatus
4. Operating Telescoping and Articulating Equipment
5. Aerial Apparatus Maintenance

"Firefighter I: Essentials of Firefighting" (Volume 1-23)

1. Firefighter Safety Part 1
2. Firefighter Safety Part 2
3. Fire Behavior
4. SCBA 1: Introduction
5. SCBA 2: Use and Maintenance
6. Personal Protective Clothing
7. Portable Extinguishers
8. Ropes and Knots
9. Fire Control 1
10. Ladders 1
11. Ladders 2
12. Ventilation Basics and  Horizontal Procedures
13. Vertical Ventilation
14. Fire Hose Basics
15. Handling Hose
16. Advancing Hoselines
17. Fire Streams
18. Forcible Entry
19. Fire Detection Alarms and Communications
20. Lighting and Power Sources
21. Property Conservation: Salvage
22. Property Conservation: Overhaul
23. Sprinkler Systems
24. Hazardous Materials Recognition
25. Hazardous Materials Identification

"Firefighter II: Essentials of Firefighting" (Volume 1-10)
1. Building Construction
2. Rescue Operations
3. Advanced Ventilation
4. Water Supply

5. Fire Control 2
6. Foam Fire Streams
7. Fire Hose Appliances
8. Fire Origin and Cause
9. Pre-Incident and Fire Safety Surveys
10. Fire Prevention & Public Education

"Fire Officer I"
1. Leading Your Team
2. Maximizing Team Performance
3. Communication
4. Managing Conflict
5. Incident Leadership
6. Team Health and Safety
7. Community Relations


"Incident Command"
1. Overview of the Incident Command System
2. Implementing the ICS at Hazardous Materials Incidents

"Hazardous Materials Containment Series"
1. Plugging and Patching Drums
2. Containing Leaks in Pressured Cylinders
3. Diking, Diverting, and Retaining Spills

4. Incidents Involving Fuel Tank Trucks
"Haz Mat Decontamination Series"
1. Why Decontaminate?
2. Decontamination Procedures
3. Handling Contaminated Victims

"Hazardous Materials Response"
1. Haz Mat Containers and Scene Safety
2. Haz Mat Response Sources and Terminology
3. Haz Mat Defensive Options and Objectives
4. Haz Mat Protection and Decontamination
5. Haz Mat Scene Control and Safety Measures
6. Haz Mat Defensive Actions
7. Terrorism and WMD Awareness


"Pumping Apparatus"
1. Safe Operations of Emergency Vehicles
2. Positioning Apparatus
3. Operating Fire Pumps
4. Apparatus Inspection and Maintenance
5. Water Shuttle and Relay Pumping

"Rapid Intervention" with Lesson Plans
1. Exterior Operations
2. Interior Operations

"Rescue Series" with Lesson Plans to NFPA 1670
1. Rescue Apparatus and Equipment
2. Rope Rescue
3. Confined Space Rescue
4. Structural Collapse Rescue
5. Trench/Excavation Rescue
6. Vehicle and Machinery Rescue
7. Water and Ice Rescue
8. Wilderness Search and Rescue
9. Elevator Rescue
10. Fireground Search and Rescue

"Vehicle Extrication"
1. Incident Overview
2. Stabilization
3. Hazard Control and Safety
4. Initial Procedures
5. Door and Sidewall Procedures
6. Roof and Trunk Procedures
7. Interior Procedures



Fire Engineering


Bill Goldfeder: “And the Beat Goes On”

Dave Doster: “The Art of Reading Smoke”

The Vincent Dunn Video Collection: “Backdraft & Smoke Explosions and Master Stream Safety”

"Bread and Butter Operations”
1. Fighting Car Fires
2. SCBA Safety and Emergency Procedures
3. Advancing the Initial Attack Handline
4. Peaked Roof Ventilation
5. Methods of Structure Fire Attack
6. Stretching the Initial Attack handling
7. Search and Rescue in Private Dwellings, Part 1:  The Rescue Plan
8. Search and Rescue in Private Dwellings, Part 2:  Operational Considerations

The Vincent Dunn Video Collection: “Collapse Series”
1. Wall Collapse
2. Peaked Roof Collapse
3. Truss Roof Collapse
4. Floor Collapse
5. Wood Frame Building Collapse

John Norman: “The Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics”
1. General Principles of Firefighting
2. Size-Up
3. Engine Company Operations
4. Hoseline Selection, Searching, & Placement
5. Water Supply

Penn/Well: “Flashover”

Tom Brennan: “Forcible Entry”
1. Conventional Forcible Entry: Striking and Prying
2. Through the Lock: Cylinders and Key Tools
3. Padlocks: Standard and Heavy Security
4. High Security Devices: Roll-Down Metal Doors and Scissor Gates
5. Special Locking Devices: Guard Plates, Locks, Bolts, and Bars

Rick Lasky: “Pride and Ownership A Firefighter’s Love of the Job”


Hollis/Penn Well: “School Bus Extrication”

Richard A. Fritz: “Tools of the Trade”




1. Extrication Principle and Vehicle Design
2. Hand Tools and Pneumatics
3. Extrication Techniques
4. Patient Considerations and Mechanisms of Injuries
5. Advanced Extrication
6. Large Vehicle Considerations