Paramedic Care Workbook

Paramedic Care Workbook


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Dr. Caroline trained her paramedics to be well-rounded, compassionate, quick-thinking problem solvers. This workbook will help students become great paramedics!

Critical thinking skills are further developed through:

Realistic and engaging case studies
ECG Interpretation exercises
"What Would You Do?" scenarios

Comprehension of the course material is aided through:

Skill drill activities
Anatomy labeling exercises
Medical vocabulary building exercises

Fun is ensured with these activities:

Crossword puzzles
Secret messages
Word finds
Student Resources CD-ROM

Included free with each copy of the Student Workbook! This CD-ROM contains the following resources:

Common Prefixes
Common Suffixes
Common Root Words
Common Abbreviations
Medication Formulary
Medication Flashcards
Skill Evaluation Sheets
National Registry Skill Sheets

The Student Workbook comes complete with an answer key and page references for further study.